January 17, 2012


well.. its 2012. super excited for this new year. sammys is growing and growing and doing some big stuff. we want to thank 2011 for coming and being here. it was an interesting year for me personally with a mother in law passing away, but had some up's with having a beautiful baby and naming her SEATTLE. we love her so much and the name is MY personal favorite thing since that is where I served my mission at. it holds a close part in my heart, and in fact, nikki (my wife) and i are going back to visit Seattle next week.. super excited to show her the grounds that i call sacred. should be fun.

for sammys, we have alot of fun stuff going on and to release about our brand. let me tell you some of our goals, share  some events going on with us, but also some pictures to show you.

Sammy's is expanding. not just in locations of restaurants, but with our network & brand. we have opened 2 new departments. we now have "sammys restaurants", "sammys sounds" and "sammys media"

to learn more about what each one encompasses, visit sammyspieshake.com and click on the different departments

we want to do more merchandise- watches, shirts, hats, leather mustache keychains and maybe more.

we have been asked by alot of restaurants to help mold their brands, help promote other events, and get the word out about other friends in business. we love to do this, because it helps us, helps the local economy and ultimately creates a natural brand for all of us. we also have recieved alot of help from friends to, with our new years events, rooftop concerts we are a sponsor for, our own concerts and other events we are involved in.

by the way, yellow sammys van is growing a mustache right now.. you will see its groomed mustache soon..

 enough of me, but lets post some fun stuff...
 these are our january shows in rexburg
 these are our shows in PG in january... we have had some rad kick off's for our small little venue here.. if you have seen a show here yet, you should come.. here is a clip from RYAN INNES here the other day and you can see how cool this little vibe is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyAWHzxfcNU

super cool picture of KALLIE SHORES in our PG venue
 have you heard of this? we are doing this everyday. basically, we announce the "NAME of the DAY" and if that is your name, you get a FREE 9oz. Shake complimentary of SAMMYS. pretty cool huh? so watch out for it on our fb or twitter @sammyscafe @sammyspg @sammysrexburg  TODAY is CHRIS>... haha
 yes. ok sweetheart is coming to sammys MONDAY january 30th.. so cool, and you really don want to MISS this. check them out here and sammys sounds is releasing a cool acoustic track of there's on iTunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2NoRgPyGU
 pieshake party. high school. PG.. thats all i have to say about this. http://www.facebook.com/events/159401430835159/
 i did a super cool PHOTOBOOTH at sammys rexburg. it turned out great. see the photo's here and i think i will be doing more and create one so i can bring them to events to provide it to them as a sponsor. yes http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.287261677987647.64155.100001114507180&type=3
and lastly. we released a bunch of tracks/singles on iTunes.. the album is called "SAMMYS SOUNDS" its collaborations between artists that play at our locations of sammys and rappers, produces and such.. or a remix.. check them out on iTunes here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sammys-sounds/id481680085