July 20, 2011

WE LOVE LOCALS! 25% OFF complete BILL July 25-Sept12

Soooooo... this is our first time going thru this 7 week break of having all the students (but 600) gone.. We are ready for the task, ready to have fun and planning the upcoming FALL Concerts & FUN>... Until then, we want to show our love to the LOCALS that live in Rexburg all the time.. We love and appreciate them in this economy of Rexburg... A common thing I hear is "Well its hard to get in there with so many students around and there".

Well friends in Rexburg, we are offering you some LOVE! Hugs but also DEALS! from JULY 25th- SEPT12th, we are giving everyone who comes into Sammy's 25% OFF their entire bill. YUP you heard right.. Stoked.

COME ON IN and enjoy the less crowded feel :)

STAY TUNED for the FALL STUDENTS! Good things coming around :)